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Art is a fundamental human need, a way for us to express ourselves, connect with others, and understand the world around us.

Art and artists have been central figures in the human stories and cultures for millennia.

Sadly, the art world can feel intimidating and exclusionary, making it difficult for people to find works that resonate with their tastes and inspire them to keep looking.

For artists, the struggle to find an audience and make a living from their art can be demoralizing and disheartening.

As a result, art remains the domain of a privileged few, while most people are left on the outside and many artists starve.

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As you play, learns what's important to you and makes it even easier to find the objects and creators that matter to you.


Connect directly to the people you discover on your journey to share your experiences and talk about your interests.

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From a young age Lucia started expressing herself creatively. Her work has gone through various transformations and transitions and can be very client specific and personalized according to each clients’ story. Lucia sees herself as a visual storyteller and adapts her work to the environment an art piece might be used for, incorporating cultural aspects of the surroundings and people into her art. She has been practising art in New Zealand for the past five years, having moved here with her family in 2017. Growing up in South Africa provided unique opportunities to give expression to her passions and after becoming a mother she practised professional photography specializing in family, maternity and new-born portraits. Once in New Zealand she started returning to her first love – painting – and did so painting a mural for her daughters’ school library. From there she has continued to receive regular inquiries from clients for large scale murals to tell their stories or simply to beautify their spaces. In 2020 she submitted an artwork to Auckland Transport and was chosen to have her art displayed on one of their trains in their “Heads up, Ears out, Trains about” project, promoting railway safety. Lucia uses mostly acrylics to paint her large-scale projects, as well as using spray-paint and airbrush. She creates digital artwork as well as occasionally working in oils when time allows. She draws inspiration from the world around her, nature and the people who commission her work. She listens to the stories of the people she meets and incorporates their message and themes into her artwork.

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